Are you?

  • Trying to understand and resolve your pain related to relationships?
  • Struggling with anxiety, stress and trauma?
  • Needing support through divorce, separation or co-parenting?
  • Looking for tools to increase self-esteem and self-care?

What is psychotherapy and how can it help?
Therapy can offer a safe place to explore thoughts, feelings and experiences. It offers the opportunity to explore current relationships and define and redefine goals. Self-reflection, within a safe environment, can foster more emotional regulation and a more accurate responses within daily life.

I utilize a multi-modal approach, grounded in attachment theory,  and strive to meet the client “where they are at”.

BioEmotional Recovery  is an approach created  from my years of study in both the behavioral sciences and neurochemistry. It combines the latest discoveries in the field of neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to change as a result of one’s experience and behavior) with mindfulness type based techniques. Addressing trauma by improving brain functioning allows recovery from a variety of issues including substances, co-dependency, love addiction and sex addiction.

Areas of Specialty:
Couples counseling, relationship issues, career stress,parenting challenges, depression, anxiety, trauma recovery, and co-dependency.

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