Christina Cowger, M.A., M.F.T. has been practicing therapy and leading neurochemistry  training’s for over 12 years. She has conducted workshops throughout the Bay Area  including those at CPMC/Sutter Health, Dominican University, Sonoma State University and CHADD. Seminars teach the BioEmotional Recovery  approach which is an educational and clinical  approach created  from years of study and clinical experience.  It combines the latest discoveries within the field of neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to change as a result of one’s experience and behavior) with mindfulness type based technique that allow for more sustained recovery from a variety of issues including substance abuse, co-dependency, love addiction and sex addiction.

The BioEmotional Recovery.   institute is a learning center for therapists and health care professionals. This training institute presents cutting-edge, research based information in the area of emotions, addiction and trauma and enables participants to better understand biologically based issues and apply novel therapeutic tools to interrupt negative behavioral cycles. This approach combines therapy with the latest discoveries in biology and offers  a combination of tools that support permanent change.

One of her most requested seminars is “Feelings and Food: What Are You Hungry For? (video link available soon) which addresses the biological, emotional and behavioral elements of food addictions.  Her counseling practice is focused on both individuals and couples.

Areas of Specialty:
Couples counseling, anxiety, trauma recovery, attachment theory, CBT, EFT and  co-dependency.